Geek+ Sorting System

Maximum efficiency with AI-driven AMRs

Geek+ intelligent sorting system is applicable to various parcel sorting scenarios. It utilizes robots to effectively improve operational efficiency and minimize overall costs. 

Geek+ currently has two solutions for floor-based sorting and multi-level sorting. The system’s efficiency is 10 times higher than manual sorting. 

It is proven to reduce labor intensity while improving accuracy. It is suitable for sorting scenarios in various industries such as apparel, 3C, FMCG and express delivery.


Advantages with Geek+ Sorting System

  • Flexible Layout and Scalability: Easily add sorting destinations and AMRs to expand and adjust the operational capacity.
  • Fast and Easy Implementation: No need for platform development or other fixed equipment, enabling fast implementation on existing sites.
  • Flexible Locations: The layout is based on the actual size of the site. A multi-level layout can be added as an option to quickly and easily increase efficiency and space utilization.
  • Low Initial Costs: Gradual implementation possible to minimize the pressure to invest, robots can be leased for peak periods.
  • Intelligent integration with other systems for realizing entirely unmanned operations, e.g. Geek+ moving robots or conveyor belts

Geek+ Smart Warehouse Solution

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