For cost-efficient logistics operations

Cost-efficient warehouse operations are crucial for realizing an agile supply chain.


Consider the total costs of your warehouse:

  • Construction and acquisition costs are usually related to the available warehouse space.
  • Set-up costs for fixed technical equipment, for example, conveyor systems or compacted high-bay warehouses.
  • Follow-up costs such as extensions, conversions, or dismantling during relocations.
  • Personnel costs and recruitment costs.
  • Payback period (ROI) of the initial investment.
  • Construction of fixed platforms.


The costs of each of these factors should be considered and addressed separately and compared with the benefits that an intelligent automation upgrade would bring to your warehouse in terms of profitability and cost-efficiency.

The solution: Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • With an AI-driven system you can free up 30% of your storage space since there is no need to adjust warehouse layout to industrial trucks or footpaths
  • The installation costs associated with fixed infrastructure are eliminated
  • Extensions and conversions can be easily implemented and won’t lead to dismantling and assembly costs
  • Labor costs will be reduced while picking efficiency and accuracy will increase
  • With an estimated 3-year ROI Geek+ systems are a good investment

Want to make your operations more cost-efficient?

Calculate how quickly your investment in a Geek+ robotic system will pay off.

Advantages for your company

  • schneller_roi.png

    Rapid ROI

  • wenig_personalkosten.png

    Reduced Labor Cost

  • schnell_installation.png

    Fast Deployment

  • hohe_flexibilitaet.png

    Flexible & Scalable

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