Geek+ Moving System

Flexibles Automatisieren Ihrer innerbetrieblichen Transporte

Geek+ moving system replaces traditional fixed production equipment. With SLAM technology and multi-sensor assisted navigation method, the system is highly adaptable to the fast and flexible industrial production cycle. 

The interface of the moving system is open and modular, able to dock with the customer's existing system and connect various types of equipment to realize fully automated moving. The moving system can also optimize inventory management and increase storage utilization.


Advantages of Geek+ Moving System

  • Reliable point-to-point navigation even in manned environments with traffic
  • Fast implementation: Open-box solution of single robots allow for fast implementation and only 4 weeks for multiple robots
  • Safe investment: Increase moving efficiency by 50% and achieve a potential ROI in 1 year
  • Highly adaptable: No conversions required, suitable for complex human-robot interactions
  • Smooth operation: Independent creation and modification of cards according to requirements, adaptable process management, and loading specifications
  • Flexible use: Flexibly adjust the number of robots to adapt to fluctuating demand, supports the simultaneous use of different robotics models

Geek+ Smart Warehouse Solution

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