For more resilience in the warehouse

One of the biggest cost factors in the warehouse is personnel costs.


The challenges:

  • Regional scarcity of qualified workers may lead to high recruitment costs.
  • Costs in terms of wages are also incurred in times of low capacity utilization.
  • Mispicks due to human error lead to high error rates.
  • Rapid changes in demand require short term adjustments in number of employees.
  • Sick days influence productivity.

These challenges make effective warehouse operations difficult and cause unnecessary costs on top of already existing employee administration costs.

The solution: Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • Personnel costs can be reduced by 70%.
  • Average picking speed is three times faster than manual picking.
  • Errors are now a part of the past. With Geek+ robotics solutions, picking accuracy will reach 99,99%.
  • Long work hours are no problem. Geek+ AMRs can secure around the clock operations.
  • Quick and easy adjustment to fluctuating demand. If additional capacity is required, Geek+ offers the "Robots as a Service" model, which allows you to flexibly expand your robot fleet.
  • Robots won’t be subject to work injuries and can ensure safe operations by allowing employees to keep distance.

Want to reduce labor costs and increase picking accuracy in your warehouse?

Calculate how quickly your investment in a Geek+ robotic system will pay off.

Advantages for your company

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    Rapid ROI

  • wenig_personalkosten.png

    Reduced Labor Cost

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    Fast Deployment

  • hohe_flexibilitaet.png

    Flexible & Scalable

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