For more flexibility in the warehouse

Order peaks, caused by increased sales around Christmas, special sales days such as Black Friday, or black swan events can be challenging for many businesses. For warehouse operations, it implies portfolio changes, higher throughput demand, and the need for more labor.


Challenges of adjusting for peak

  • An already tight labor market is making it difficult to find temporary employees.
  • Travel restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic limits the possibility of finding and retaining staff.
  • Training new employees require additional resources.

The same also applies for the opposite scenario: When the economy bottoms out, employees have to be laid off while still receiving certain benefits, this implies high administrative costs in addition to monetary ones.

The solution: Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous mobile robots from Geek+ give companies the flexibility to cope with order peaks and expand operations in line with business growth in the shortest possible time. 

  • Higher throughput requirements and longer hours are no problem for robots as they can work around the clock.
  • Need to increase your operational capacity? Geek+ offers the "Robots as a Service" model, which allows you to expand your robot fleet flexibly, just in time for when you need the extra robots.
  • Autonomous mobile robots from Geek+ also make it easy for you to move or adapt your intralogistics. Unlike fixed conveyor and racking systems, AMRs can be transported to the new warehouse in no time at all, quickly implemented, and ready to go.
  • The "Robotics as a Service" model also allow you to gain financial flexibility as Geek+ AMRs can be quickly leased when needed.

Want to increase the flexibility in your warehouse?

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Advantages for your company

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    Rapid ROI

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    Reduced Labor Cost

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    Fast Deployment

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    Flexible & Scalable

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