For more efficiency in the warehouse

Warehouse efficiency is measured by different criteria:


Efficiency criteria:

  • Picking efficiency: number of items picked / hour / workstation
  • Picking accuracy: error rate
  • Required storage space: area for shelves and additional surfaces for walking
  • Labor costs
  • Cost-efficiency: return on investment

With rapid development in AI and robot technology, challenges can now be met with a single strategy. Convert your warehouse to an intelligent system with autonomous mobile robots.

The solution: Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • 3x picking efficiency compared to manual operations: 600 items / hour / workstation
  • 99,99% picking accuracy
  • Save 30% storage space with robot compatible shelves
  • 1-3 year ROI

With AI and autonomous mobile robots your warehouse will be 2-3x efficient

Want to increase the efficiency of your warehouse?

Calculate how quickly your investment in a Geek+ robotic system will pay off.

Advantages for your company

  • schneller_roi.png

    Rapid ROI

  • wenig_personalkosten.png

    Reduced Labor Cost

  • schnell_installation.png

    Fast Deployment

  • hohe_flexibilitaet.png

    Flexible & Scalable

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